Infracare Cold Feet Socks


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Product Overview

Pyro Socks for Cold Feet

Cold feet could be the direct result of Raynaud's or Chilblains, which can get aggravated due to cold weather conditions. Infracare Bio-material socks assist in warming the feet without causing excessive sweat. 


The socks are thin and breathable. Night times can be particularly difficult for individuals experiencing cold feet. It may take up to 3-4 hours to experience the warming effects of Infracare socks, as the sock is not a warming device. Instead, the device prevents body heat from escaping away from the body, hence allowing the outer layers of the foot to experience a warming effect (feet will feel less cold). For diabetic patients who have a history of bleeding it is recommended to use white socks. 

Directions for Use

Made of 90 % cotton, 5 % Polyurethane and Bio-materials these socks are designed to be constriction free and seam free. They can be used as Diabetic socks. Wash in cold water and drip dry for re-use. Do not throw in the washer or dryer.

For use in outdoors and activities like winter sports, winter hunting and winter farming use Infracare cold feet socks as the first layer of socks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review